Saturday, October 31

Have You Been Wearing More or Less Makeup Lately?

Ya know, I go through phases. Sometimes, I’ll diligently wear makeup every day, and I’ll remember how much better I feel when my brows are combed and my lashes are curled and coated with mascara (at a minimum), but then for any number of reasons nowadays I’ll slip into a pit of semi-despair (sounds dramatic, but it feels that way sometimes) and forget to put any makeup for several days…

During those phases I’ll tend to also let other things slide, like I won’t do my hair, and I’ll rock wrinkly clothes that could easily double as pajamas.

Eventually, I snap out of it and realize, yet again, that when I put in a little effort and “show up for myself,” I feel better all around. So it’s cyclical, I guess.

One thing that helps me is reminding myself that I don’t have to don everything and the kitchen sink. Even a little bit of self-care counts and makes a big difference in my mood.

Sometimes I feel like I have to do “spicy” or “exciting” looks, partly out of habit, and sometimes just so I can talk about them here on MBB. But that can be overwhelming. Sometimes the very thought of spending an hour doing something elaborate is all the disincentive I need to not do anything at all, haha! And the cycle just keeps going… But if I do just a little, even just mascara, it will usually more easily lead me to do other things, and pretty soon I’ll have some face paint on and feel much better.

I’ve noticed this pattern echoing in other parts of my life, now that I think about it. Before The ‘Rona, I loved going to the gym and working out with my friends in HIIT class, but now I’m pretty much stuck working out by myself at home. 😑 When I was having trouble staying motivated (I mean when it was really bad a couple months ago), I investing in some cute workout clothes, which I hadn’t really done in ages, and it helped.

When I feel put together, I definitely push myself harder, even when I’m by myself.

How about you? Have you been wearing more or less makeup during quarantine?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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