Thursday, October 22

OMFG! I’m Obsessed w/ My Weighted Blanket

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When I am stressed/anxious/overwhelmed- I have this funny little habit of randomly ordering shit online at around, hmm… 2am? Like… when I am sleeping. Then, a few days later, whatever random thing I ordered (trust me, some of it is really absurd) will show up at my door & I literally will not remember placing that order. It’s bizarre, but sometimes… it really work in my favor.

So let’s rewind to about 2 year ago, apparently I ordered myself a weighted blanket (FUN FACT: I was positive this weighted blanket was a gift up until today, when I checked my order history & realized it was in fact a gift… from myself, to myself lol). ANYWAYS- when I got this bad boy like 2 years ago, I think I used it twice and then, put it away. I don’t know why. Maybe it was when Zack and I had a smaller bed and he was annoyed with the heavy ass blanket or maybe I just didn’t give it the chance it deserved.

WELL- now let’s discuss two days ago. For some reason, my legs were KILLING ME. I posted on Instagram, of course, asking my audience why ones leg would feel like a 9 year old in the middle of a growth spurt & I got ton’s of responses- could be anxiety, eat a banana, rub magnesium lotion on your leg, epsom salt bath asap, & *drumroll plz* sleep with a weighted blanket.

I, of course, did everything but the weighted blanket. IDK why I was so anti this blanket, but when I laid down the leg pain intensified… so I got up & lugged that heavy ass blanket into my bed.

Then, a miracle happened…

I got under the blanket, my leg pain stopped, and for the first time in…. years, I fell asleep in under a minute. Not only that, but I had the best sleep I have had in a while. Yet still, I wasn’t convinced this was because of the blanket. I slept at my Dad’s one night and a friends the other, so I probably was just super cozy in my own bed. BUT THEN- last night, I got in bed, under my weighted blanket, and boom- again, I was asleep in under 60 seconds.

IF YOU KNOW ME- I can’t fall asleep easily. I do very in depth breathing routines, I count sheep, I chug Calm Magnesium, I get up for a snack once or twice, I turn on a show, it’s a whole ass thing. So for me to fall asleep that quickly, omg.

OH, & also- for pretty much the entire quarantine I have had horrific nightmares. Like wake up drenched in sweat sobbing crying nightmares. The last two nights, I was dreamless, which was such a relief! And speaking of sweat *LOL*, I sleep HOT AF. I am a sweaty sleeper, ew gross I know, but I think it’s my fast thyroid or something- I have always slept hot. With my weighted blanket, I am not overheating. It’s weird, I don’t know why I don’t overheat under that heavy beast, but I actually woke up- less sweaty and hot than usual?

ANYWAYS- when I woke up today after feeling especially refreshed and cozy under my weighted blanket, I knew I had to right this blog. It was my calling for the day.

(plus, linked a bunch of amazing weighted blankets below! Now they make cute ones, which means I might have to upgrade mine lol.) 

♥ BETTER SLEEP: the weighted blanket literally pushes your body downward, which results in “grounding” your body. This grounding helps your body relax and helps you enter a state of deep & restorative sleep. The blanket literally mimics the feeling of being held, it’s like the best hug all night long & promotes a feeling of being safe- which is SO good for your nervous system.

♥ REDUCES ANXIETY/DEPRESSION/STRESS: the grounding effect that weighted blankets promote helps reduce cortisol level in the body which helps you relax and can help reduce pain (hence my legs!), depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Also high levels of cortisol can be tied to weight gain- so you might even lose some weight?! I talk a lot about somatic therapy– and this is just a form of that. The feeling of the weight on your body can literally lower cortisol and boost serotonin and dopamine- all supporting and calming down the nervous system.

♥ WAKE UP REFRESHED AF: the power of a good night sleep is unmatched- period! Not only does the weighted blanket get you to sleep faster- but it helps you sleep better, longer, and deeper. When you wake up, you will feel AMAZING. Trust, my day today and yesterday have been way more productive than the past like….2 months!

♥ NOW- LET’S TALK WEIGHT AND PICKING A PERFECT WEIGHTED BLANKET: the general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a weight for adults is to find a blanket that is 10% of your body weight…. fun fact, I didn’t know this when I bought my weighted blanket & am actually learning right now my 20lb weighted blanket is more suited for someone of 200lbs- that said, I LOVE MY BLANKET. I think it’s absolutely perfect. I do want to get a 15lb one, just to see if it’s just as relaxing, but honestly- 20lbs is amazing for me (probably because I have SUCH a hard time falling asleep!)

** this is the one I have, and I love it- but I really really want one of these cause it’s so good looking! **

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