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Sephora Do Not Drink Fragrance Waters

[purchase/affiliate] More Sephora! I made the most of my five minutes in there (but have to confess now that I didn’t buy Ushuaia in Sephora – it’s not stocked there – I bought it in Monoprix and turns out it’s a L’Oreal brand…I’ve ordered more so I can do a deeper dive).

Sephora Do Not Drink EDP

Actually, I’d done a quick scout of the Sephora website before I went so I knew I wanted to buy a couple of these fragrance waters that claim 87% natural origin ingredients. I absolutely love the look of them – they’re channelling the niche perfume market but keeping the prices affordable with a Byredo style bold type face and the humour of a slogan t-shirt. Factor in the neon colour aspects in both packaging and bottle and, well, you can see the Pinterest inspiration board from a mile away :-).

Sephora Do Not Drink EDP

The two I picked to try are Mandarin & Matcha Water and Jasmine & Baies Roses Water. The first is the kind of light citrus hit I like with a faint backdrop of mossy matcha. I got a bit of a peel sharpness from it which stopped it being too sweet and making it fresh for summer. With Jasmine & Baies Roses, initially I got nothing at all but a second spritz brought out first the rose and then the jasmine perfectly in a smooth combination that settled to more jasmine than rose.

Sephora Do Not Drink EDP

They are light – you need to use a bit more than you normally might and the last isn’t great but in fairness, you’d expect more dilution with fragrance waters. I think they’re really for plentiful, mood-of-the-moment spritzing rather than settling yourself in for a day of perfumed skin. They’re approximately £9 each HERE for the smallest size (10ml) with two other sizes available, non affiliate HERE, with six to choose from. I’d like to try the others – Salt Sweet Water, Blackcurrant Water, Iris & Mocha Water and Sage & Tonka Water. Someone helpfully informed me that the shipping from is £9 so you might want to double up with a friend if you make an order.


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